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Our vision

Our new vision is based on our customers and how we can help them fulfill their ambitions. "Creating a digital advantage for tomorrow's leaders" is not only what we strive for, but also a reminder that technology is a necessary part of today's business world.

The possibilities are many and dynamic, and so it is important to do that little extra that allows us to find the best possible solutions - those that really benefit our customers and that create a real, digital advantage.

"Digital advantage" is a well-established concept with us at ensotech and it is natural that it forms the basis for our new vision. It puts the customer in focus, which we strive to do every day. Ensotech's vision is concrete and achievable - when we deliver our best.

Our mission

Together, we identify opportunities and deliver superior solutions that create tangible values ​​for our customers and society as a whole. Our mission, "Together we identify opportunities and deliver superior solutions that create tangible value - for our customers and society as a whole", aims at how we, through digitalisation and smart solutions, create value for our customers and contribute to society.


Through our insight, technology and our solutions, we contribute to the development of the digital society of the future. Being customer-centric and utilizing strategic partners is crucial to becoming the trusted partner we want to be. We guide our customers and come up with suggestions that ensure quick and successful transformation.

Our values

Our values ​​must never be just fine words, but must be real values ​​that characterize all of us at ensotech and permeate all our decisions, all our actions, and all our goals. 

2020 - Erik Sonesson
Co-Founder and CEO

 The team 

Erik Sonesson
CEO / Head of Web Design
Elliot Nyberg
VP / Chief programmer
Yassin Rollander B.Y
Full Stack Engineer
Carl Marstorp
Key Account Manager
Carl Seijbold
Graphic Design
Rasmus Lindberg
Elias Gilbertsson 
Web Design
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